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My BIG FAT Grain Free Life: Pizza Night! (again)

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Pizza Night! (again)

We've been on a little Friday night pizza kick lately, perchance because eating grain free doesn't afford much pizza-roo in the diet.  Pizza happens to be this girl's favorite (along with about 87 of my other favorite dishes).  So I like food, okay??

I sincerely hope that two back-to-back grain free pizza reviews isn't a blogging faux pas, but I had to share another incredible crust - this time from Against All Grain.  This girl is nothing short of a culinary genius.  Her blog makes my mouth water (strawberry shortcake cupcakes - for instance) and also makes me wonder what in the world I'm doing with a grain free blog.  Seriously.  But I digress.

The topping I chose for this pizza is one of our favorites.  I use leftover or rotisserie chicken, refined sugar free BBQ sauce and raw sharp cheddar.  Once it's out of the oven I toss on some chopped fresh cilantro.  It's easy peasy to throw together for a yummy, laid back family night...


cooked chicken, diced small
raw sharp cheddar (if tolerated - but it would still be good without)
fresh cilantro, chopped

Follow the instructions for the Pizza Crust.  After par-baking the crust, spread the BBQ sauce on.  Next, toss on the diced chicken and cheddar.  

Bake again as instructed.  Once out of the oven, top with fresh cilantro. 




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