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My BIG FAT Grain Free Life: BIG F A T waiting...

Monday, January 9, 2012

BIG F A T waiting...

Today is pretty monumental.  We're supposed to bring home our little bundle as soon as it's "official".  (BIG F A T sigh) 

This all seems very surreal to me.  It's been a 5 1/2 year wait and I almost don't know what to do with myself.  Did I get too used to waiting?

Will I remember how to do all of this baby stuff? It's been awhile and I'm (ahem) a little older than last time.  Oh, and I happen to love sleeping...

All that off my chest, we're VERY excited and appreciate your thoughts and prayers during all of this.  I'll keep you posted as I can.

I want to mention a wonderful dinner I tried yesterday.  We've been running back and forth to the hospital so much, I've not been able to share a meal with my kids.  I saw this wonderful recipe for Roasted Leek and Mushroom Pork Chops from Amber at The Tasty Alternative and really, really wanted to try it.

I threw it together at lunchtime yesterday and snarfed it down before leaving for the hospital to see the baby.  This meal came together quickly, only took 20-30 minutes to cook, AND was delish.

Amber posted the recipe with a yummy-looking applesauce.  I didn't try it, (sorry Amber) but just peeled some organic Braeburn apples, threw them in a pot with some water and cooked them up.  At the end, I sprinkled cinnamon and stirred.

These chops will definitely be one of our regulars for dinner. 



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